Why Employees Count More than Customers

… as he recounts in his just published corporate biography, “Through the Fires,” his path to CEO’s office was lined with considerable challenges. When Carr started his company, he operated out of his house, and his mother used a spare bedroom to run a call center to handle inquiries from customers.

Being a CEO, But Not an SOB

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Trial by Fire: The Data Breach at Heartland

Possibly the most turbulent time in Bob Carr’s professional life began on January 12, 2009, after he and his chief financial officer, Bob Baldwin had spent a day with investment bankers in New York, exploring the possibility of buying a bank.

When he returned to his hotel Carr discovered an urgent message from Heartland’s head of technology in Plano, Texas, who told Carr that the company’s data files, “had been attacked and infiltrated on a devastating scale.” Carr describes the ordeal in his new book, Through the Fires

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