The quest for success can be a rocky road, as you described in your book, “Through the Fires.” Having achieved great success, what’s a bit of key advice you would give to others making the journey?

Never underestimate the intelligence of others, but never overestimate the knowledge of others.

There is a difference. Plenty of individuals without a diploma have exceptional brainpower. Lots of others with fancy degrees lack the ability to translate data to real-life solutions, especially if it means knowing how to ‘connect’ outside their familiar circles.

A person in a ‘lower’ station might be in a position to teach a very sophisticated lesson. A person with a high ‘rank,’ meanwhile, might miss the mark by “going strictly by the book.”

As my mother used to say: Nobody is inferior or superior to another human being.

If you don’t think someone is capable of a good idea, simply because that person sweeps the floors or waits tables, you are likely missing a lot of opportunities to learn. If you blindly accept the notions of a person simply because of high status, meanwhile, you might be heading down the wrong path.